We have been asked to decide on a final 3 brands following up our research of the 15 brands we looked at. These will be used in our Pecha Kucha presentation. Additional to each brand I have listed is an individual blog post that are group in my categories.

I  have chosen brand I feel are most important to me and fairly relevant to my current theme as well as brand I am interested in and would like to learn more about.


  • Harlequin
  • Timourous Beasties
  • Racheal Reynolds


  • Peggy Hartano
  • Gucci
  • Orla Kiely


  • Rifle Paper Co
  • Julie Ann Art
  • Sara Miller

Brand Research – Harlequin

“Harlequin is the premier destination for inspirational designs, innovative textures and delicious colours. An eclectic fusion of classic mixed with contemporary, flamboyant married with elegant; Harlequin’s versatile ranges of prints, weaves and wallcoverings offer the most discerning of customers a dazzling spectrum of products.

Harlequin has joined forces with a number of aspirational accessories companies to offer a complete lifestyle look. There is now a beguiling range of home accessories, based on or inspired by Harlequin’s best-selling designs, including; bedlinen, towels, rugs, cushions, trimmings and home fragrance.

The company is firmly established as a leading player in the interiors market worldwide. Keen to keep at the forefront of design, the Harlequin studio experiment with visionary ideas, innovative techniques, fashion-forward colour palettes and original finishes. As a result, Harlequin continues to produce mouth-watering collections adding to its comprehensive portfolio of breathtaking fabrics and wallcoverings.”


This is a brand I have very recently discovered. I am really intrigued by the vibrant and amazing colours they use for their prints. As a designer colour is really important to me and I love experimenting to see what works and what does not.
I love the blues and pinks they have so beautiful colour blocked to create these gorgeous living room spaces. This brand is definitely one I would like to learn more about and I use their understanding of colour in my own work.

I especially am fascinated by their beautiful rug collections.


Brand Research – Timorous Beasties

Timorous Beasties are a textiles based company designing prints for home decor, furniture and wallpaper. The two founders Paul and Alistair work together creating a unique diversity of patterns with a vintage chic edge to their designs.

Image result for timorous beasties indonche collection
Although most of their designs being unrelated to my theme for this project, I have always had an interest in their company and work. I love the way they create these wonderful mirrored prints with the use of watercolours and the technique marbling. I still catch my self by surprise at how astonishingly beautiful their work is amazed by there new collections, I will always adore this company.

I have recently stumbled across their latest collection.” INDOCHINE “

I feel as a designer colour is very important and the ability to create diverse colour ways like the way TM have below, is an aspect of design that takes a lot off consideration and to be open with experimenting in colour.
I am very fond of all of the designs from this collection, interior based textile something I thoroughly enjoy researching and I always become more inspired from when looking at more own work.

I absolutely love these two grey prints below. It portrays the delicate construction of branches and leaves especially the very intricate design on the left. With only the use of two colours the prints are very strong and beautiful.


Brand Research – William Morris


William Morris was an English textiles designer,
his name and reputation are indissolubly linked to wallpaper design, but there is a tendency to over-estimate the influence he had in this field, at least in his own lifetime. In fact, despite his much repeated belief in ‘art for all’, his wallpapers, like most of the products of Morris & Co., were hand-made and expensive, and consequently had a relatively limited take-up

I have always loved this designer and his work. Some of his famous prints can be found on things from cups and curtains to curtains and wallpaper, his style is unique and very classic. I am mainly interested in some of his amazing bed covers, throws and pillows. I feel it is also tasteful for what every the age as his designs vary in colours and styles.

The smaller scatter cushions look good together on a sofa or bed, I love them and the shabby chic style is huge at the moment.

Brand Research – Rachel Reynolds

“Rachel creates an innovative collection of hand painted, screen printed and digitally printed textiles for the domestic and commercial interior. Rachel continues to implement her knowledge of traditional screen printing alongside new technology, combining layers of drawings, block prints and patterns by hand and composing them digitally. The result is a fresh range of designs that retain characteristics of the handmade. Products include fabrics, wallpaper, light shades and Perspex wall art.”

Mostly based on wallpaper I looked at a couple of her latest collections.


I looked at this brand in particular as the majority of her prints are not normally my personal taste but I feel they could work well in different themes. As this module is about themes and moodboards it might be a good idea to look at some different designs and see what could work.

The light blues and muted colours are very interesting and could work well along side more vibrant, warmer colours



Brand Research – Sanderson

“The first Sanderson fabric range of printed cottons was produced in 1919. The Sanderson range of designer fabrics today includes printed designs on cotton, linen and silk, together with jacquard and dobby weaves, embroideries, sheers and a wide range of plains suitable for curtains, upholstery and soft furnishings”

I have always found myself completely in love with some of the prints sanderson produce. Mainly floral and delicate designs, it always works so well on reupholstered furniture to give it that shabby chic, vintage edge.
I am most interested in the wall paper collections this company reproduces.