Throughout this module, I have used research a lot and I have thoroughly enjoyed looking into and discovering all the different companies for interior, fashion and paper brand research. I think this is a very important way of keeping my eyes open to what’s on the market and on trend styles. I also found magazines and WGSN was a very useful way to also keep up to date with the latest and upcoming trends.

When first looking at the brief for the start of the module I was sure I wanted to into interiors and had a good idea of the company I would like to create my collection for. I was pleasantly surprised that after further research I discovered a company that I had never heard of before and this intrigued me to look further into. I am very pleased with this decision to try something new. The company I will be creating my collection for is Harlequin, this company uses a lot of bright colours and bold patterns and I will be manipulating these colours with my own prints and designs.

I decided to go straight into designing and creating some drawings ready to print with. I experimented with a whole lot of different techniques, from simple fine liner drawings, to screen printing to foils and flock. In stitch, I have been experimenting a fair bit with free machine embroidery and the use of digital stitch in our workshops. This technique is something thought worked really well and would love to experiment some more with throughout the duration of this module.

I am hoping to create my collection for a living room space, looking at things like cushions and throws. I tried researching to see if there were any types of fabric in particular that Harlequin used a significant amount of but the fabrics vary so I will carry on experimenting with different fabrics to see what works best.

So far, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time doing this project. I have found it really inspiring to see all of the different colours and prints designers use. I’m really looking forward for what’s to come in this project and some of the new techniques and skills there are to learn.


Printing with Lino

Today I spent the afternoon printing with my lino cut. I decided to try some more printing techniques with my design. I mixed together a crimson red with white to create this bubblegum pink colour. I wanted to be bolder with my colours and after experimenting with pale pinks in my print workshops, I think the brighter and more braver pink works well in edition to my theme.

I also tried experimenting with the inks by smearing them together to see what the colours would look like together. Some of the colours I created from this exercise worked really well and I will try to create again next time I print with my lino.
I am really happy with the outcome and will definitely try this technique more for my upcoming projects.

Roath Park Conservatory

Following up yesterdays tutorial, I decided that I need to gather some more drawing and photographs of my selected theme ” metallic tropics”. This well help me when selecting my imagery to create my collection for our current module making connections. I took this opportunity to talk a walk down to Roath Park and take a look around the conservatory which holds many tropical plants, flowers and even some sea life.

I will try and use some different media as well as pencil to recreate some of my drawings. I will use some wet media to create some mark making also.

Metallic – (Tropical Metallics)

I decided after some tutorials that my theme needed an update and to try and make the theme more personal to myself and to make it more importantly original. I feel by changing something to do with colours like metallics, this could give my collection a unique style.

I have research into metallic interiors and is a very current trend in living room spaces and interiors. I would like to create prints using my imagery on interiors using some of these foils and metallic colours.

I mainly found my inspiration to look at metallics from some of the foil prints I created in my print workshop,  I really liked the pink and the blue coloured foils as these we relevant to my colour board.

I am going to develop this idea by producing more imagery using things like metallic pens and playing around more with foils. I am hope to order more foils to using in my upcoming module after the holidays and create more imagery to work with.

Print Workshop – Week 1

This was our first workshop back in print and I was very excited start. I spend the morning exposing my screen ready to print with.
Whilst waiting for my screen I used the dye bath technique to dye my fabric. I wanted to create pale colour to use a background for my print.

I am really pleased with how the colour of the fabric turned out, I was worried when the fabric was processing in the dye baths that they may turn our too ark but they turned out exactly as I had hoped. I will use this technique to create with my fabric even more ready to print on to.

This was a practice go using my new prints. This was just on spare fabric but next week i am hoping to print on the fabrics I have already dyed. I am really happy with how well they came out!

Once my fabric had dried, I ironed all all the creases ready to print onto to. I tried a dark shade of pink on to of my light pink fabric and a dark green against my yellow fabric. I was uncertain about the colours I used here and after creating more prints I decided that these were my weakest prints I produced in the workshops.

I experimented more with bolder and braver colours using my prints which are documented in my technical file. I tried to play it safe when dying my fabrics and colour mixing but in fact my prints were used to there full potential when I used more interesting colours.

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I also used this workshop time to create some lovely mono prints also. I created this effect by rolling ink onto a glass plate to spread the ink out evenly and then placing a blank piece of paper on top of the ink and finally tracing over a drawing of mine which producing this outline print. The fainter ones are where I rolled over with a clean roller what was left on the glass plate. I like how delicate this ones look.


Module ADZ5777 Textiles/SUBJECT “Making connections”
Writing a Hypothetical Design Commission Brief.

This brief for this module will be to to create a textiles based collection for industry harlequin that will be inspired by the theme “contemporary tropics”.

– To explore and document the contemporary tropics for interior.
– To look into and report on the targeted market of females in the 18 – 30 age range  for living rooms spaces and interior.
– To study and review tropics and looking at online websites like WGSN to be informed of style and colour trend for season Spring/Summer collection 2017.

To summarize all relevant aspects of the concept on a series of visually inspiring moodboards.
– To produce and log a body of designs, experimenting with different print techniques such as silk screen printing, digital stitching, scanning and digitizing/ editing and manipulation of prints.

To present a final collection of designs, some which also demonstrate:

– alternate
– co-ordinating
– accurately repeating pattern designs

I will mainly be sourcing my research from their online shop and images from websites like pinterest and WGSN. I will try to get as much primary research as I can by photographing any similar colours I see that are similar to the ones harlequin and used against the contemporary colours and backgrounds I want to use for me project.



To get a better idea of what I needed to produce when creating my moodboards I researched some other moodboards on Pinterest under the same theme “Contemporary Tropics for interior”. This was a good way for me to see other peoples prospective when using similar ideas.
I was pleasantly surprised to see people had also used similar colours as the ones I was hoping to use for my theme like some of the lovely pinks.
I think the pink compliment the green so well.

As well as some of the busier designs like the ones above. I really like how well minimalist boards work for this theme.
I will also try out the more minimalist boards as I feel it definitely has a more contemporary feel which is perfect for the theme I want to create.