homework week 1

For this project I decided to take a walk around Bute park as I feel this is a place to go to get away from the city and a perfect place to do some primary research. I visited on a fairly sunny day and some of the light was captured beautifully on a river that runs through the park, the water being as still as it was the reflections on the water came through so well. I also captured some shadows from the tree on the castle walls so well in certain spots in the park. I began my primary research by looking very closely at some of the patterns and textures on  the bark of a tree in the park. I loved some of the lines that came through on the tree and I did some rubbings on the tree that didn’t turn out as well as hope but I really  wanted the textures to come out on paper. I then began to look at some of the fallen leaves and took some home to draw and play round with. I used a handful that I particularly like the patterns on to do some rubbings with using some of my chalk pastels and I was surprised at how well some of the veins and textures on the leaves came through. The second place I visited was Llandaf Cathedral, I decided to look here as this is a place I will be passing everyday and I was intrigued to have a look around the perimeter of the building. It is a beautiful building and I love some of the arches and shapes on the windows. I also live near another beautiful cathedral back home where I visit on a regular basis so being so close to this building almost brings a sense of home to the new area I am living in. I have taken some photo’s of the building and some areas surrounding it also as I feel they have a similar feel with the brickwork that is used.


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