Printer? Stitcher?

Subject – Term One

So the question has been asked many of times. Who am I as a designer? I believe this final year will help me figure this out.

As this final year is so crucial I want to use the time I have wisely and I believe by identifying my strong and weak points as a designer I will do so. I have always been more drawn into print even dating back to previous studies before university. I see myself as a very free spirited individual and I believe prints gives me the chance to explore that. I love getting the chance to experiment with colour and techniques. Since coming to University I have tried a number of new techniques in the print studio and have enjoyed every single one of them, as well as that I have previously tried further.

For my current project I plan to experiment with lots of different techniques in the print studio like silkscreen printing, the heat press and foils. I also be sing some of the other facilities like the big press and I hopefully will get the chance to play around with some different inks in Molly’s studio.


IG Design Group Trip

Subject – Term Three

Design Group UK designs and supplies bespoke, house-brand and licensed product solutions to both UK and Overseas Retailers & Wholesalers. These products include gift-packaging, greetings cards, stationery, creative play, frames & albums, diaries & calendars, party-ware and specialist gifting. We have a combined Commercial Selling team of over twenty five organised to service all channel requirements including a dedicated Field Sales team with coverage throughout the UK and The Republic of Ireland.
Today we got the opportunity to visit the IG Design Group Centre and we able to take a look around. We started the day in the seasonal room where they displayed a range of different paper products from gift bags, gift wrap and wrapping paper to Christmas crackers and decorations.

We were given an insight into what the company are about and I was intrigued to see what it would be like to work in industry like IG. Below are a few links to some videos about the business and how it began:

There was also a lot of beautiful mood boards displayed throughout the centre that caught my eye and I found it very inspiring to see all the different techniques that had been used when creating the boards and is good primary research leading up to the creation of my own mood boards. I also found it very interesting to hear that IG currently employ their most graduates ever and I seen a few familiar faces during our tour.

A U T U M N  C O L L E C T I O N

This trip has definitely inspired me for my upcoming project and have help me put some of my ideas into perspective. I noticed that autumn wasn’t a popular season or theme here and there was not of lot of autumn colours so this helped me conclude my idea more so as I am hoping to create something this is new and fresh. I will update my blog with my further developed ideas.

Anna Gravelle – Introduction

Subject – Term Three

Today we had the amazing opportunity to listen to designer Anna present her work and ideas to us. I found this talk extremely inspirational as a lot of her design ideas were realistic and we saw exactly how she developed these ideas into final products.

Anna is primarily a textile designer and also works with surface pattern. She will be in the university this year and I am very exciting about hearing about her ideas and her work.

I took some notes from this lecture that I thought were important and that I could use to look back on in the future:

– She specializing in Tufting.
– Tufting is a type of textile weaving in which a thread is inserted on a primary base.
– These machines are designed to make small rugs. Anna customizes the machine by making the needle smaller in order to create smaller objects.
– Tufting works really well with wool and thicker fabrics and materials.
– She experiments with altering the appearance of the fabrics a lot.
– She likes to use a lot of different processes like screen printing onto wool, mixing things like flock and puff to make the fabric 3D/raised.
– She mostly sells bespoke and one off pieces.

I also found out a lot about her drawing and illustrations during this talk and it was interesting to see that she used a lot of charcoal and monotone imagery at the first stages of her designing before adding colour. It was interesting to see this different way of working.

Summer Ideas

Hello, I’m back!

I have decided to use my time over the summer by carrying on with some of the techniques I  have learnt throughout previous year in University. I wanted to keep my self in the rhythm before starting back in September so I have pondered around a few different ideas.

I have been working a lot with stencils over the summer as I managed to get hold of a very swanky new self-healing cutting mat and some new knifes. This got me very excited to start creating some new designs. I have been working with backgrounds for my stencil and I have experimented a lot with water colours and gouache paints.

I created an effect that looked like the colours are merging together and I achieved this by playing around with salt. I mixed a small amount of salt into my water before layering it over the page. I then left it to dry for a minute before dropping my colours on top of the page. I really like the final outcome using this effect and would like to experiment more with different medias in my last year of study.

img_6327I then used this motif to create a repeat pattern. I achieved this on adobe Photoshop and I think I would like to take the design further as this is a very basic idea but it shows how I have developed my ideas.

I have been also experimenting around with mark making to create designs. By using different brush strokes I am able to manipulate things like petals. I have also been using watercolours in different strengths to create delicate floral effects  like the flowers I have created below. I feel this has been very good practice for me.

Degree Show 2017 – Personal Critique Form

Subject – Making Connections
Term Three

Select 2 shows that appeal to you and which you find particularly inspiring.

Name of Degree Show Student 1: Lia Pritchard

Critique /comment on the development of ideas and concepts in this work: 

I was impressed at the illustrations Lia had created for her designs, it has a very unique style and I feel was very on trend.

How successfully are the materials and techniques used to convey the concepts?
The plastic used in this space creates a very minimalist style. I feel less is definitely more for the this project and this is captured exceptionally through her space.

What is it about this exhibition that most impresses you?
I am impressed at the diversity it has in comparison to the other designers in the show. I like the way the space has been used, very original and refreshing.

Briefly evaluate the presentation style of the work:
I love how Lia composed her space in such a contemporary . Edgy, modern and a very fresh idea.

Name of Degree Show Student 2: Georgia Reece

Critique /comment on the development of ideas and concepts in this work:

I feel the dark colours against the light walls worked really well and the space was very eye catching and sofiticated.

How successfully are the materials and techniques used to convey the concepts?
I think the use of digital printing worked really well in addition to some of the hand printed designs. The colours were very dark and she used a technique which I feel would could have unpredictable outcomes, although I feel it worked beautifully and I admire her courage to take risks. 

What is it about this exhibition that most impresses you?
As well as the positioning of the chair, I think Georgia displayed her samples so gracefully and made such great use of her space. I feel she executed her final show so well and without showing a lot of stress (impressive).

Briefly evaluate the presentation style of the work
It was very elegant and I like the simplicity of the display, well done!!

How do you perceive the shows, generally?

I was very inspired by seeing all the other designers work and felt very motivated in regaurded to my next project. It was useful to hear from the third years what we should expect in our third year and definitely good practise for us. I am really honoured to have assisted such brilliant work.

List 3 key things you have learnt from what you have seen overall?
 – Working together as a team is massively important when making sure everything is completed in time.

– be punctual!!!

– Don’t be afraid to try something you might not think is possible – it is!



New Colour Board

Subject – Making Connections
Term Three

In response to my feedback I decided to make a new colour board and colour pallet using colours I will feel would freshen up my designs if I were to incorporate them to my previous colour pallet. I still like the subdued and muted colours I have used in addition to my theme but felt like it needed sprucing up a little. I especially like the yellow and the mint green within the colour pallet.

My feedback was very constructive in giving me new ideas to improve and update my theme. I am very happy with my new colour board and I am looking forwad to presenting it for my upcoming final hand in.

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 17.06.37 copy