Field – Term Two

I looked at this brand in particular as I have followed their online blog over the years and I am constantly seeing inspiration for room ideas. The pale, muted colours they use work well with some of the textiles and I love some of there products. The marble vase and stone / sandy colours relate to my theme, this reassures me that my theme is on trend. I plan to print onto a doormat or rugs for my final collection and this has helped me envision my final products.

I have picked out some images from the online blog I follow on Instagram that include products from Urban Outfitters in these rooms. Although I feel the target market is quite young, I feel my collection will have my sophisticated prints that could be targeted at a slightly older market of women.



Field – Term Two

One home wear brand I have become very aware of recently is H&M. I am surprised by the contemporary and elegant style of the home wear and I think this style in particular would suit my client. I like the use of muted, neutral colours, it creates a very relaxed atmosphere in the living space and I want to create a similar mood for my collection. The use of the muted green for their ‘natural attraction’ collection works really well in comparison to their usual brighter green and bold tropical prints.



Field – Term Two

I have thought a lot about my client for this project, she is independent and lives alone in her own flat / apartment. She like to make the most out of small spaces and use furniture and textiles to accentuate her living space. She lives in the city to work but still misses home and being close to the coast, so she likes to add natural colours and textures to her home to make it feel welcoming and calm.

I have used images of London and a contemporary living space, this best describes her surroundings and I image her to have a very busy lifestyle so lots of coffee and trips on the underground.

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 14.21.44



Press Packs
31st January 2018

Press packs are very important when starting up your professional profile. It can be targeted to people by specifically designing it to their taste and can be a useful asset to give to future employers, agencies or companies you are interested in. It is a great marketing tool that can be designed to suit you.

why a press pack?
– it can set you apart from other people you are competing with.
– By displaying you it in the correct places you can gain publicity and exposure from people who will be useful
– It introduces you to people in a way that is professional and will provide the details they will need to get into contact with you.
– It can be targeting at people who you want to see it, by addressing it with a name and your details to an individual this makes it personal and it a good marketing technique.

when creating the Press Pack there are Five W’s to remember:
– Who are you? put your name on it and include your contact details.
– What are you promoting? Be confident, less is more. Keep it simple.
– When is the event happening where the collection/product will be launched?
– Why are you approaching this company? What are you seeking from them?
– Where are you going to be based after the launch so you can be contacted?

– Plastic file that is compact but neat. If it’s portable and easy to manage it makes like easier when looking through your press pack. Some packs have a separate pocket in the front for your business card to be stored.
– A press pack is like a creative resume. It is different from a CV, a CV lists things where as a press pack.
– Some countries are really fond of business cards.
– A CD of images, you could put your name on the photo in a discreet area to prevent copyright.

Letter of Interest.
– Does your work fit the people you are providing your press pack to, your work could not fit their style and this could look like you don’t know what their work is about.

– always get someone to proofread you work. Silly mistakes like typo’s, spelling mistakes and bad grammar could really make you look unprofessional and sloppy.

– Keep the back of your card white and fairly plain, this is useful incase you meed to write information about the person you are talking to and they can write down about you once you have passed over your card.


Field – Term Two

I decided to take my colour palette for this project from some of the images I had taken from the beach during my primary research. I wanted my palette to be subdued and muted with gentle colours that would be welcoming in a home. I have used the Photoshop tool to pick out the exact colours from some of the images I have used.

I have taken some these images on to photoshop to put together the first draft of my colour board and palette. I picked out the colours that I thought flow nicely on the palette and could work well as a print. Although it is open to change, I am very happy with the first outcome of my colour board.

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 18.36.09


Field – Term Two

Now I have a good idea of where I am going with my theme, I took the time over the weekend to start developing possible mood boards. I have kept them fairly plain with a two dimensional, graphic background which gives my the option to add images and items relevant to my theme on top. I wanted to merge my pictures together and create a kind of memory on my boards. I am very interested in some of the landscape formations and rocks on the beach and this has guided me when deciding on my theme. The images used I have taken myself at some of the beaches I gathered my primary research from. I plan to pick out one I prefer best and as a background for my final moodboard.


Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 14.45.51.png


Jennie Slater
Waves / Sea

What I admire most about this artist is how she captures the mood of the waves when they are crashing, ranging from a very gentle, calm feeling, through to a dark, almost aggressive feeling, that captures how quickly they can change and it shows how temperamental the water can be.

I think some of her coastal, rock drawings are very interesting and the harsh marks give the drawings character. I feel very inspired after researching into her work and this helped my look at the generic ‘seaside’ in a different way.


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